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Tell your friends and get rewarded. Win 10 BTC!

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Brought To You By Presearch Crypto Asset Management

The Presearch referral program enables you to earn 10% of every token sale generated by people you refer to Presearch.

And to make it even easier for you, those who you refer will receive
a 10% bonus on their token purchases.

At the end of the token sale period, the person who has referred the most token sales will receive a prize of
10 Bitcoins, valued at more than $65,000 USD*!

* as of November 10, 2017

Rewards and Prizes

One grand prize of 10 BTC to the top referrer.

10 runner-up prizes of 20,000 Presearch PRE Tokens (valued at $5,000 each)


Every Member who refers the purchase of 2,000 Token or more, or who themselves buys more than 2,000 Presearch Tokens will receive a limited edition Presearch T-Shirt.

Presearch tshirt

What Are Tokens Used For?

Presearch Tokens are used to purchase sponsored advertising on the new Presearch search engine.

The ideal token buyer markets a product/service online or offline with a goal of reaching new customers.

Advertising Options Include:

Site sponsorships
Feature your logo on the bottom of the home page for great exposure to the crypto community.

Keyword sponsorships
Match your ad to the words searchers are typing and reach highly-qualified purchasers at the point of research.

If a buyer purchases more tokens than they need, they are able to sell their advertising credits to other purchasers they identify. Presearch is not involved with these transactions and cannot guarantee payments or suitability of purchasers after the initial sale of its tokens.

How To Participate:

Sign up as a Presearch Community Builder Affiliate using this link:

Share your affiliate link with your network and encourage them to create an account and learn about Presearch.

When someone you’ve referred completes a token purchase, you will automatically receive credit within your portal dashboard.

You will receive Presearch Tokens at a rate of 10% of the amount the referred purchaser buys. (For example, if they bought 1,000 tokens, you would receive 100.)

When a buyer signs up through your Presearch affiliate URL, they will receive a bonus of 10% of whatever they purchase. For example, if they pay for 1,000 tokens, they will receive 1,100 tokens for the same cost.

Bloggers, Youtubers and professional sales companies are welcome to participate in the promotion, so long as they adhere to the rules of the referral and affiliate program.

For More Information:

Please visit and read the Presearch white paper, join our Telegram, or email

Small print:

  1. The contest closes November 29th at 11:59pm, or upon Presearch selling out of Lot 5 tokens, whichever comes first.
  2. This contest is only valid on new sales generated in the Lot 5 token crowdsale.
  3. Whoever sells the most tokens via their referrals wins the grand prize.
  4. In the event of a tie, the person with the most actual purchasers will be selected to win.
  5. To be eligible for inclusion in your total, your referrals must have registered through your affiliate tracking URL before they complete their purchase.
  6. There is no limit to the amount of referrals and earnings.
  7. Both the Affiliate Community Builder and referral friend MUST agree to all Presearch terms and conditions.
  8. You agree that Presearch shall have the right to display your first name and first initial of your last name on the contest leader board, should you be eligible to appear.
  9. Only Presearch Token purchase orders that are paid in full via valid methods (BTC, ETH, USD via wire transfer), with funds received by the deadline provided, are eligible for inclusion in the referral program and contest.
  10. Presearch reserves the right to cancel a purchase order after it remains unpaid for more than two hours, and unless otherwise stated.
  11. In order to maintain the integrity of the PRE sale process, Presearch reserves the right to cancel and refund purchases.
  12. You are not an agent of Presearch and may not represent to the public that they are acting on behalf of Presearch.
  13. You must adhere to the Presearch Referral Program terms and conditions, specifically section 7, ‘Marketing Restrictions’.
  14. Presearch reserves the right to exclude anyone who has violated local laws or acted in a fraudulent manner from participating in the contest.
  15. Presearch shirts are only available to those who provide proper shipping addresses. You may be asked to confirm your information prior to any shipment being sent. If you do not confirm by the date specified, you may forfeit your shirt.
  16. Presearch reserves the right to decline to ship Presearch shirts to purchasers where shipping costs are prohibitively expensive, or which are not serviced by Fedex or Canada Post - ex. remote locations, areas without standard mailing addresses, etc.